The Growing Impact of Art on Healthcare

The environment you create for your patients, visitors and your own staff has an effect on the healing process, your image, staff productivity and ultimately your bottom line.

Window art

Art plays an important role in the design and feel of a space. Architectural design, furniture, flooring and wall color all contribute to the overall look, but artwork really sets the tone. This is critical in a healing environment.

The variety of art options today are much more diverse than they were even a decade ago. This has magnified the impact that art can now have on a space.

The above image is a corridor in a pediatric unit lined with windows that once overlooked an adjacent rooftop of HVAC equipment. This once unsightly view was transformed into an aquarium-like setting using window treatments depicting an underwater world.

Understanding the role of evidence-based design for the healthcare community and the all the art options that are now available can help you create spaces that truly enhance all aspects of your how you service your patients and support your staff.

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