Search Tips


We want to help make your searches as easy and productive as possible.
With over 10,000,0000 images, how do you find what will work best for your project?

  • On the search bar itself, the more you can narrow down what you want, the better your results will be. For example, if you were looking for healthcare art, and you put in healthcare, you will get some really nice photography. You will also get pictures of healthcare facilities or things used by healthcare facilities, which you probably don’t want. But if in the search bar, you put in

    nature, color photography, landscapes

    you will get a really beautiful collection of images that will work well in healthcare settings.

    Note that each word needs a comma, then another search word.

  • Stay away from small words like a, in, the, of, etc. If you want pictures of inside a ship, put in inside ship.

  • After your results come up on a search, if you don’t want any people in your search, click the

    No people button

  • You can use the filters provided to further narrow down results. The best ones are:

    • Fine art or Photography - your results will bring up both. Click fine art to just see fine art prints or posters from publishers. Click photography to just see print on demand photography.

    • Color - you can enter colors here such as blue, red, yellow, etc. Note that you again separate the colors wanted by commas and don’t get too specific like royal blue, etc.

    • Orientation - helpful for if you have a space and just need a square, vertical, etc. On all photography and most fine art, we can crop to give you a square if it is horizontal or even a vertical from a horizontal if needed.

  • Artist - it is best to search by the artist last name and not full name. If you want for instance Curt Strickland, type in Strickland in the search bar, then when the results come up, find the first picture by Curt Strickland and click on his name in blue and all his images will then be available.

If you are not finding what you want, need something specific, getting frustrated, getting overwhelmed, click on the Ask for Help on Live Chat button or call us at 800-314-0434. We will help you right away!