Photographic Art Trends for 2018

Contemporary art has long been a reflection of the feelings and moods being shaped through current events, the present state of the world, and how each impacts us emotionally and mentally - both as individuals and as a community.

In the context of design, it's essential to incorporate these regular shifts in our shared human consciousness into imagery selection in order to assure modern attitudes and perspectives are incorporated. The selected imagery needs to be in tune with those perspectives.

In essence, the language of design needs to be consistently updated to reflect the changing human emotional vocabulary.

Let's take a look at how these changes will impact how we select and utilize photographic art.

Looking For Respite Through Art

Summing up the trends detailed in this article (click here to read it), we can identify a shift towards clean, colorful, and organic imagery, with a preference for feelings of motion, progress, and vibrance.

It's easy to hypothesize that this might be due to our collective fatigue and exhaustion with the seemingly endless sensory overload of news, opinions, conflicts, and chaos, we're instinctively looking to our environments to find a degree of reassuring truth, energy, and beauty.

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Ann Collins
Reflections of movement and energy in natural settings will also be sought for. Black and white photography, with its emphasis on the contrast between light and dark, has the ability to communicate the feeling of motion - even if the image itself is of something motionless.

Byron Jorjorian
Sharing the natural world as it truly is, without a need for artificial enhancement or embellishment, creates a sense of truth and honesty, while highlighting the beauty inherent in our world.

Daniel Kay
Black and white photography combines images of the world as we know it, with an emphasis on the sharp contrast between light, dark, and shadow. Visually striking and immediately engaging, black & white photographic art offers extraordinary new views of our otherwise ordinary and familiar world.

Dennis Sabo
Meanwhile, brilliant colors and sweeping landscapes create feelings of vibrancy, life, and renewal.

Henry Domke Celebrating the rich patterns and and vibrant 'brush strokes' that appear throughout the natural world, will meet the demand for imagery that reveals nature just as it is. Highlighting nature's raw beauty, while offering new perspectives on familiar things.

Kathi Isserman

Katrin Ray Shumakov
Urban and architectural photography celebrate the juxtaposition of human innovation within the context of the world around us.

Larry Emerson
Bold and colorful tones laced with high contrast will generate feelings of energy, animation, and a lively spirit and in 2018!

Matthias Haker
Again, the key focus will be on presenting the world as it is. Perhaps as a rejection of the constant flood of messages and media trying to convince us that the world is something else.

Taylor Jorjorian
Expect to see more abstract photography that features bold color combinations and with a well defined sense of shapes, lines, and forms, creating a sense of excitement, energy, and uplift.

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