Our Process



It begins with Discovery. What are your goals for your art program? What are your company values? Who are your customers? What tone do you want to set for your staff? We want to know as much about you and your space as we can. We’ll ask for floorplans and color boards. We’ll tour your space if needed. We’ll ask you questions about your budget.

We need this information to know the right art to show you—there is quite a price difference from originals to fine art prints and everything in between.

We are expert art consultants but this is your space and we need it to reflect your voice. So talk to us!



The fun begins! Selecting the right art for a facility is FUN!

We collaborate through our interactive website. We’ll start a project for you that you can share with as many people as you want. We’ll mark up your art plan with art locations for your feedback. We’ll lay out a proposed budget based on the locations on the floorplan, showing what type of art in each area, quantity and price. We’ll select different images and a range of substrates to start the discussion. We’ll send you a link and ask for your feedback.

Let us know what you like or don’t like.



With your collaboration, we know your budget, your locations for art or branding, your favorite selections and we now move into the design process.

We’ll finalize types of art and selections, lay it out on your floorplan, put in all in your web project and generate a proposal which you can share with all stakeholders.

Our proposals include:

  • Information on Great American and your team of designer and dealer

  • Why we chose the images proposed

  • The effect we see occurring from the art/branding

  • All proposed images on their respective substrates

  • Floorplan showing the art as it would be installed throughout the facility

  • Quote for all finished artwork including installation if needed



Once you have issued a purchase order, we start the manufacturing process:

  • All art is procured

  • Each type of substrate is produced with the highest care and training

  • All finished product is carefully packaged

  • All finished product is shipped to be installed

  • All art is installed according to the install plans



Your art/branding is in and your space has a new feel. Art gives your space its soul. It’s your communication with or without words.

We believe in using the power of art to heal, inspire, provoke, challenge, offer hope and MOST of all, to connect—to remind us of our common humanity.

We don’t stop until you feel the WOW!