Mercy Hospital

Client: Mercy Hospital

Total Artwork Package: $500,000+
(Additional work continuing to present)

Description of the Work Performed

Great American and the local dealer have worked on many Mercy projects together over the last four years.

The Orthopedic Hospital in Springfield was created as an all-in-one experience for patients needing orthopedic care and more. From the moment you walk thru the doors, there is a calming, holistic feeling in the space.

Photos of local areas and native flora, taken by professional photographers ,were used to remind patients, families, and staff of the peace and beauty that surrounds them. This regional theme was used in all the framed art throughout the hospital as well.

The CEO was thrilled with the end result especially as he toured groups around the hospital and they were so excited to see beautiful landscapes of their areas.

Mercy #1
Mercy #2
Mercy #3