Frequently Asked Questions


What kind of artwork do you sell?

We sell all types of art from posters, to fine art prints, to photography, to limited edition and originals. We strive to include local art whenever possible. We have access to any artist and any print that is currently in published form. We also sell branding art, mobiles, metal art, tapestries and more.

How do I go about selecting artwork?

We can design your project for you at no charge. If you are interested in using our free art design services, you can fill out the design form on our website or call or email Your project will be assigned to one of our art designers who will work with you on selections, placement and everything you need to give to your client.

If you want to select art on our website, make sure you set up a project so that the artwork is saved. You can email for help with this.

Can you find pictures for a specific need or interest?

Yes! Our designers are more than happy to help suggest specific images related to topics of your client’s needs or interest or to find specific pictures or artists they might be looking for.

Do you have pictures available that are not shown on the website?

Yes! A lot! As a general rule, if it is in print, we can find it for you. Our designers have an almost unlimited supply of images we can offer.

Do you provide installation services?

Installation is available on most jobs. Installations will always require a special price quote.

Does the artwork come ready to hang?

Yes, the artwork comes with wire hanging on the back, hooks and hanging instructions. Security hardware is also available for any picture. For some of the artwork, we also offer standoffs, cleats and cables.

What is security hardware?

If you need the pictures locked on to the wall, we can provide the pictures with security hardware. This option can be found as an option in your project.

I need a frame color or style that is not shown on your website. Is that the entire selection you offer?

No! Just as it would be impossible to show all of the images available on our website, it would also be impossible to offer all of the frame selections available online. Let us know what you need and we will get it added on line for you to view.

Can you re-frame existing artwork to update it?

Yes! We just need measurements of the prints themselves and then we need the new framing specifications.

Can you enlarge and frame custom photographs from images our customers have in their files?

Yes! We frequently produce and frame custom photographs for clients. Let us help your client with their custom project.

Can you provide a photographer for a custom photo shoot?

Yes, once we find out exactly what your client needs, we will provide you with a proposal including pricing.

How long does it take for an order to be delivered?

For orders up to 50 pieces, it takes approximately 12-15 business days to produce and frame your order and 17-20 business days for fifty plus pieces or custom orders. Our normal delivery time requires an additional 3-4 business days for the pieces to arrive via ground delivery. If you have a specific time frame you need us to meet, please let us know. If we cannot guarantee delivery in order to meet your deadline, we will let you know before we accept the order. Shipping upgrade options are available as well as rush options.

What is your return policy?

In the unlikely event of damage, any damaged picture will be repaired or replaced promptly. We guarantee complete satisfaction so if your client is not happy with a piece of art, they can replace it with a similar priced item.

I am planning to buy several pictures - can I get a discount?

We can definitely work with you to bring your client’s project in on budget. If we are doing a design proposal for you, please let us know your client’s budget so that we can design within their budget.

I need art fast; how quickly can I get it?

There are rush services available at an additional charge for our custom work, but every rush request must be addressed individually.

Do you sell on GSA schedule?

Yes! We do sell on GSA schedule. Tell us it is for a government client and we will set your project up with GSA pricing.

What if I want to work with a local art company?

We are their local art company! We will bring you more local art than any one local art company.

Do you sell direct?

All of our projects will go through a local dealer. We do not sell direct, except to the government when a dealer does not bring us to the job.

Will you come visit a client?

Yes, if you would like us to visit a client with you, let us know. We would love to come help you generate some art business!

Want to know more about anything above or do you have some question we haven’t addressed? Please let us know!