Florida Hospital

Client: Florida Hospital

November 2013-March 2014
Total Artwork Package: $630,000
(Additional work continuing to present)

Description of the Work Performed

In March 2014, Great American Art selected and installed over 150 prints for Florida Hospital’s new emergency department and intensive care unit floors in Tampa.

In addition to the artwork selections, we also supplied a custom designed patient/white board to the end-users specifications.

All images were based off of the evidence-based design concept of calming, soothing images to promote well being and to assist in the healing process. We used various substrates including framed art, acrylics and canvas throughout the hospital.

The CEO was thrilled with the end result especially as he toured groups around the hospital and they were so excited to see beautiful landscapes of their areas.

Forida #1
Forida #2
Forida #3