Design vs. Decorate

Last week, the topic was interior design vs. architectural design. Were the concepts actually in conflict with one another? Or did they instead compliment one another, working collaboratively and holistically to connect people with an interior space?

I received a larger number of emails containing shared thoughts, insights, and new ideas (thank you to all the senders!). But in the interest of nurturing a broader conversation, use the Comments section down below. It helps to open up dialog with a broader audience beyond 'just me'. No need to by shy. There aren't any right or wrong answers. If you'd like to contribute to last week's conversation, it's never too late. Just Click Here!

This week however, I want to explore the worlds of the designer vs. the decorator.

Interior design can be described as applying a multi-disciplined approach to creating functional and emotional connections between interior spaces and the people who use them. Typically, the best design methodologies take lessons from areas like human psychology, evidence-based design, anthropology, color and design theory, and behavioral science. Qualitative + Quantitative data to define Form + Function.

Interior decoration focuses entirely on aesthetics. Using furniture, textiles, material combinations, textures, and colors to beautify a space. Combining a well developed sense of style with a critical eye and an ability to 'pull it all together', a skilled decorator can help craft a consistent and clearly defined spatial personality corner-to-corner.

  • Do those roles and purposes conflict with, or compliment one another?

  • In regards to either a designer or decorator having the greatest efficacy on positively impacting a space and the people who use that space with their work, does the lifecycle of that space matter? Meaning, a new build or remodel vs. an already established space?

  • Are there skills or skillsets that translate well between each discipline? Or are there skills or skillsets that SHOULD translate between each discipline, but often don't seem to?

  • Specifically, should designers and decorators approach art design and consultation differently, or should they apply similar metholodogies?

And there you have it! Again, as much as I love hearing directly from so many of you - use the Comments section below. Looking forward to hearing your ideas and thoughts!

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