Dedham Medical

Client: Dedham Medical

Spring 2013
Total Artwork Package: $150,000
(Additional work continuing to present)

Description of the Work Performed

We initially met with the hospital team to determine what their vision was for the space. From those meetings we created a 100 page design proposal. As part of the design process and per request of the CEO, we met with each department head in order to incorporate their input into the overall design.

The images selected were dramatic and colorful, while still being peaceful and soothing. We used a lot of original photography as well as modern work on canvas to reflect the vision of the executive team and architects as well as to make a bold statement in the Lobby.

Many substrates were used, including acrylic, canvas, framed prints and sculpture art.

Dedham Medical #1
Dedham Medical #2
Dedham Medical #3