Finding Our Shared Humanity

Here at Great American Art, we do what we do specifically because we believe, strongly, in the inherent self-worth of all people - simply because they're human beings. Our clients believe in that too. It's this shared belief that brings us together, with the goal of expressing that belief

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Design vs. Decorate

Last week, the topic was interior design vs. architectural design. Were the concepts actually in conflict with one another? Or did they instead compliment one another, working collaboratively and holistically to connect people with an interior space?

I received a larger number of emails containing shared thoughts, insights, and new

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The Purpose of Design

Instead of narrating my thoughts or feelings on the topic, I'd instead love to learn what you think about these potentially opposing viewpoints in regards to the purpose of design:

Design As Active Experience Influencer
"It's all about well-being. That means when people walk into [a space], they don't know

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Two Case Studies: Acrylic Art in Healthcare

Acrylic art is simply beautiful. The interplay of light and the material, and the impact that has on the artwork, combine to create vibrant, brilliant art pieces of stunning clarity and personality.

Providing a sleek, clean, and contemporary feel, acrylic art is perfect for supporting and complimenting modern or transitional

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Welcome to Great American Art 2.0!

For over 30 years, Great American Art has been driving best practices, setting new standards, and discovering new innovations for creating engaging, impactful human experiences through art and expert design. Helping both Enterprise class companies and SMBs across the healthcare, corporate, and government industries, while offering a single provider solution

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